The Middle East chooses Organic Vanilla Milk Ice Cream from Green Dalaite as the most innovative FMCG Product in Dubai

One month ago, the Stamegna team organized the 2021 Stamegna Network - Middle East Food & Beverages Event in Dubai, bringing together participants from 31 countries all around the globe.

As always, every brand has selected some of their inventions to be nominated for the Most Innovative FMCG Product Award, established by Stamegna first time in 2014. All the buyers had a chance to learn about the products, go through presentations or brochures, and vote for one of the nominees.

This time we praise the Green Spirit company, and one of their leading products: The Organic Vanilla Milk Ice Cream.

Green Spirit started its activity in 2016 and develops, produces, distributes innovative and healthy organic products since then. Inside Green Spirit, there is the Organic Ice Cream branch, which is called Green Dalaite.

They offer the best result of the work of the ice cream masters, who, with their many years of experience and knowledge in the exhaustive selection of organic raw materials, have developed the most traditional recipes that offer an authentic and pleasant experience for the ones who love good ice cream.

The Organic Vanilla Milk Ice Cream is made from Cow´s milk in Trujillo (Spain) in an artisanal way and with only natural ingredients, all of them made with premium raw materials, 100% natural, without preservatives and colorants.

We wish for the winner, and all the brands success in the new markets and looking forward to seeing you all at our next events.

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