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Last update: 22.01.2024

We request users to carefully read the terms and conditions as they provide important information about users’ rights and obligations. The terms include several limitations and restrictions, as well as a clause regarding the jurisdiction for the resolution of controversies.

General Definitions:

Users are considered any person who opens the website, visits, or in any way interacts with the website.


We track your choices and direct you to information that we believe is more useful for you (you may be more prone to need) as a user on our website. By using the website, you automatically understand our use of cookies to track your behavior and accept it.

Limited Responsibility:

We do not take responsibility for everything published on our site, particularly regarding: a) prices (which can change before the event date), b) attendee lists or attendees published as “some of our registered buyers or suppliers” (it can occur that a listed attendee is not present due to cancellation or force majeure occurrence), c) comments: modifications and alterations can be made to the comments received by our company from suppliers and buyers who attend our networks. These may be reworded due to better presentation/grammar.

People/Staff published are not necessarily employed staff but can also be staff taken from outsourced service providers (such as employees of other partner companies Stamegna Management Ltd. has a contract with).

Intellectual Property, Rights, Ownership, Use, and Copyrights:

Stamegna Management Ltd. is the rightful owner of the contents, organization of the website, videos, graphics, design, and images published on the website except for partner/attendee logos and main event background city images. The above-mentioned are protected by national and international legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. It is prohibited to copy and redistribute the website and any of its content even if changes are affected to it. Users have no right to use, modify, reproduce, or request any type of right on any of the materials, brands, or collective contents published on our website.

Copyright Policy

Notification on Violation

Stamegna Management Ltd. respects copyright and requires its clients and partners to do the same. It is our policy to remove any material that may violate the copyrights of third parties. With the provision of the necessary notice and proof of rights, we will immediately act by removing material or giving rights to its owner according to the DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We take responsibility for answering any requests regarding any such violation promptly.

If you are the owner of any copyright or are authorized to act on behalf of any owner, we request you to act as specified below:

DCMA Notice – Communication of Rights

  1. Identify the content with copyright that has been violated, or if there are several, provide a representative list. Identify their position on the web page providing a link to the content.
  2. Provide a postal address, telephone, and email.
  3. Mention the following in the notice: “The undersigned declares in good faith that the use of the contested material with copyright is not authorized by its owner or agent. The undersigned declares that the information presented in the notice is correct, taking full legal responsibility for acting as an owner or on behalf of the owner as a legal representative.”
  4. Provide a legal name and physical or electronic signature.
  5. Send to Stamegna Management Ltd. at the following address:

Responsible for copyright issues:

Stamegna Retail Management

(Management of requests and payments)

Stamegna Management Ltd.

4102, 58 Agiou Athanasiou Avenue, El Greco Building, Office 201

Acceptance of Publication of Client Details, Images, and Videos:

By registering for and attending our events, you agree that photographs or video interviews taken during the event may be published on our website and/or social media for promotional purposes and will become the property of Stamegna Management Ltd.


The client has to make the full payment of the amount on the invoice within 14 days of its issue date. Any delay in payment constitutes a violation of our terms and conditions.

Interference, Tampering, Attacking:

Visitors and users alike accept not to interrupt or in any way attack, modify, or interfere with the service provided by Stamegna Management Ltd. and/or its website, its software, associated hardware, and servers. Furthermore, users and visitors agree not to interfere in any way with the service and the way other users interact with the website. Any inappropriate alteration to the information provided, data, or service will represent a violation of the terms of service. It is prohibited to access the website differently from the connection via a web browser or http access.


The webpage offers services and applications that can contain links to third-party websites. Users accept that Stamegna Management Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy of details and/or availability of services proposed on third-party websites. Users accept sole responsibility for the use of a third-party website and assume all risks that may arise from the use of such third-party content/website.