All Electronics Export Mission

Previous Attendees

"Very effective because of many interesting meetings in a short period of time. Good mixture of product portfolios"
Product Manager, QVC Handel GmbH

Concept & Introduction

Qualified International Retail Chains and Distributors will be joining the the event from various countries to have 30 min one on one meetings with vendors to source new products, review innovations and find new suppliers.

Categories: Computers/Laptops/ Tablets, TV/ DVD/Video, Photo/ Camera, Equipments (WIFI, cables,chargers), Cellular/ Office Phones, Electronic Games and Toys, Accessories, Kitchen Electronics

Vendors have their own display area in the hotel to present  products and network with buyers. It is more than a trade show, come and boom your sales for 2012!

Attendees Area Coverage:

Retailers Vs. Distributors

33% 67%


Branded Vs. Private Label

33% 67%



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