Middle East, Asia, Africa – Cosmetics (Mass Market)

The focus of the event is to bring top retail chains and distributors together with international health and beauty product suppliers.

Save time and money by joining us and meeting with industry professionals at one time and one place.

Organization: Managed, prescheduled 20-minutes face-to-face meetings with relevant buyers and suppliers.

Atmosphere: We guarantee a professional, quality environment to network.

Certainty: Up to 25 meetings with exact companies you request. You know exactly which company you will meet and at what time.

Money Saving: Cut your customer chasing budget to one registration fee. You arrange your flight, we arrange and sort the rest.

Time Saving: Fast sourcing, avoid long office visits and long stand visits. Meet all retailers and distributors in one place at one time.

Increase sales: Identify wow products through a fast review of each company.

The Registration Package

  • Meetings, 20 minutes with every Buyer/Supplier in your category.
  • Display area to showcase your products.
  • Accommodation at the hotel where the event is held.
  • Meals during the event – dinner, lunch, coffee breaks.
  • Online profile books with contacts of all attending Buyers/Suppliers. 
  • Educational session.
  • Automatic award participation.

Product Categories

Make-Up Accessories

Pain Relief
Self Tests

Sexual Wellness
Family Planning
Physical Wellness

Eco-friendly Packaging

Private Label

Event Details

Registration for the event is now open. We invite you to confirm your participation and obtain any necessary guidance from our team.

Hotel check-in starts. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with a seamless check-in process, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free start to your stay.

During this session, we will provide an informative presentation highlighting key aspects of the event. Join us as we delve into important details and exciting opportunities that await you.

As the event begins, attendees are welcomed with a brief introductory speech. Following this, refreshments will be served, providing an opportunity for guests to socialize and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

The networking dinner offers attendees a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow participants in a casual and convivial setting. Over a delicious meal, guests can engage in meaningful conversations, forge new relationships, and exchange ideas.

Participants will have the chance to engage in focused, one-on-one B2B meetings tailored to their specific interests and needs. Each session, lasting 20 minutes, offers a unique opportunity for meaningful discussions, collaboration, and potential business partnerships.

Enjoy another networking lunch break, sharing experiences and discussing the morning sessions.

Participants will continue to engage in focused, one-on-one B2B meetings tailored to their specific interests and needs.

As the designated meeting sessions draw to a close, attendees can reflect on the valuable connections made and insights gained during their individualized B2B meetings. This marks the conclusion of the scheduled networking sessions, paving the way for continued collaboration and follow-up discussions.

    Event Details