White Lake Kft.

White Lake serves as a prominent food distributor and grocery merchant wholesaler in Hungary, specializing in trademark representation of dairy products and ambient goods. With extensive industry experience and a commitment to excellence, White Lake plays a pivotal role in the local grocery market and efficient brand management in Hungary and the surrounding region.

Their approach emphasizes long-term, strategic partnerships, collaborating with brands whose product portfolios complement each other to create mutually beneficial trade positions. By aligning with partners’ strategies, White Lake provides representation in Hungary, resulting in significant time and cost savings for their clients.

White Lake boasts a countrywide cooling distribution system, enabling products to be delivered to all parts of Hungary six times a week. This extensive reach ensures timely delivery and freshness, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As one of the leading food distributors in Hungary, White Lake offers outsourced solutions in sales, business support, and marketing. They invest continuously in their people, brands, and business, recognizing that their team members are the true difference-makers.

With a full-service nationwide sales and marketing operation, White Lake covers retail, wholesale, cash & carry, independent trade, industrial, and foodservice sectors. Their comprehensive approach ensures that partners receive tailored support to maximize their market reach and potential.

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