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Cut the customer chasing process out of your business: Stamegna helps you make the best of your time by decreasing your management time and your costs while guaranteeing well organised meetings with qualified companies.

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Budapest, Hungary
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Terms of Service

General Terms of Service – Stamegna Retail Management –

Last update: 12 august 2014

We request users to carefully read the terms and conditions as they provide important information regarding user’s rights and obligations. The terms include several limitations and restrictions and a clause regarding the jurisdiction for resolution of controversies.


General Definitions:

Users are considered any person that opens the website, visits or in any way interacts with the website.



We track your choices and direct you to information that we believe is more useful for you (you may be more prone to need) as a user on our website. By using the website you automatically understand our use of cookies to track your behavior and accept it.


Limited Responsibility:

We do not take responsibility for everything that is published on our site, in particular regarding:

a)    prices (that can change before the event date),

b)    attendees lists or attendees published as “some of our registered buyers or suppliers” (can occur that listed attendee is not be present due to cancellation or force majeur occurrence),

c)    comments: modifications and alterations can be made to the comments received by our company from suppliers and buyers who attend our networks. These may be reworded due to better presentation/grammar.

People/Staff published is not necessarily employed staff but can also be a staff taken from outsourced service providors (such as employees of other partner companies Stamegna Management Ltd. has a contract with).


Intellectual Property, Rights, Ownership, Use and Copyrights:

Stamegna Management Ltd. is rightful owner of the contents, organization of the website, videos, graphics, the design, images published on the website with the exception of partner/attendee logos and main event background city images. The above mentioned are protected by national and international legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. It is absolutely prohibited to copy and redistribute the website and any of its content even in case changes are effected to it.

Users have no right to use, modify or reproduce or request any type of right on any of the materials, brands, or collectively contents published on our website.


Copyright Policy

Notification on Violation

Stamegna Management Ltd. respects copyright and requires its clients and partners to do the same. It is our policy to remove any material that my violate copyrights of third parties.

With the provision of the necessary notice and proof of rights we will immediately act removing material or giving rights to its owner according to the DCMA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

We take responsibility for answering to any requests regarding any such violation promptly.

If you are owner of any copyright or are authorized to act on behalf of any owner we request you to act as specified below: 

DCMA Notice – Communication of Rights

1.     Identify the content with copyright that has been violated, or if there are several provide a representative list. Identify their position on the webpage providing a link to the content.

2.     Provide postal address, telephone and email.

3.     Mention the following in the notice: "The undersigned declares in good faith that the use of the contested material with copyright is not authorized by its owner, or agent. The undersigned declares that the information presented in the notice is correct, taking full legal responsibility acting as owner or on behalf of owner as legal representative.”

4.     Provide legal name and physical or electronic signature.

5.     Send to Stamegna Management Ltd at the following address. 

Responsible for copyright issues:


Stamegna Retail Management

(management of requests and payments) 

Stamegna Management Ltd.

4102, 58 Agiou Athanasiou Avenue, El Greco Building, Office 201


Acceptation of Publication of Client Details, Images, Videos:

By registering and attending our events you automatically accept that any picture taken during our events or any video interview provided can be published on our website and will be automatically considerend the property of Stamegna Management Ltd.

Interference, Fiddling, Attacking:

Visitors and users alike accept not to interrupt or in any way attack, modify, or interfere with service provided by Stamegna Management Ltd. and/or its website, its software, associated hardware and servers. Furthermore, users and visitors accept not to interfere in any way with the service and way other users can interact with the website. Any inappropriate alteration to the information provided, data, service will represent a violation to the terms of service. It is prohibited to access the website differently to the connection via web browser or http access.


The webpage and offered services, applications can contain links to third party websites. Users accept that Stamegna Management Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy of details and/or availability of services proposed in third party websites.

User accepts sole responsibility for the use of third party website and assumes all risks that may arise from the use of such third party content/website.

UPDATE on the Term and Services
Cancellation Policy for the Live Events
In light of recent progress which has been made internationally around the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and the safety measures put in place in every country, we at Stamegna Management, are monitoring international and local public health recommendations about group gatherings and assessing the situation on a daily basis. 
We acknowledge that travel plans and airline restrictions can become uncertain, and so we are temporarily modifying our event cancellation policy to allow for alternate use of the registration fee for any registered participants in the case that we shall cancel the event due to COVID-19 related issues.
If before your travels you have been recommended to self-quarantine, have had recent contact with an ill person, or are feeling ill yourself, please do not come to our Live Events — we are happy to transfer your registration to one of our upcoming other Live Events or to some of our Virtual Events that suits your choices better.
If you need to inquire about transferring an event, please get in touch with us by emailing at
Since we already have fixed costs regarding the upcoming events, if you decide not to participate and given that your costs are already paid for, it is not possible to refund any paid amount, but to transfer it for another Live or Virtual Stamegna Event of your choice.
Transferring Your Registration
In lieu of a refund, you can transfer your registration for our Live or Virtual meetings.
Please note that, in case of shipping physical samples, you are responsible for ensuring their arrival is financially taken care of.
If any of the cases cases above occurs, please email us at with the subject line “Ticket Transfer: [Location of Event to Virtual Events].”
Please write to us using the same email address provided in the registration form, and include the full name & package option you were initially registered with.
Our Virtual Events are held on a monthly basis and are category-specific.
Join Upcoming Live Event - New Dates for 2021 events are as follows:
2021.09.26-27 Stamegna Network -
Central and Eastern European Food and Beverages Event - Budapest
2021.09.28-29 Stamegna Network -
Central and Eastern European Health and Beauty Event - Budapest

2021.11.21-22 Stamegna Network - Western European Healht and Beauty Event - London


2021.11.23-24 Stamegna Network - Western European Food and Beverages Event - London



All include a free virtual meeting of your choice.