Last week the Stamegna Team organized our annual Asian Health and Beauty Network in Hong Kong. Manufacturers and buyers of FMCG came for pre-scheduled meetings from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and, needless to say, Asia.

Participants presented products of different categories including personal care items, haircare, face masks, OTC, food supplements, medical devices, accessories, skincare, and many others. 

As always every brand chose some of their inventions to be nominated for the Most Innovative FMCG Product Award established by Stamegna in 2014. All the buyers had a chance to learn about the products, go through presentations or brochures, and vote for one of the nominees. This time we praise The Humble Co. and one of their leading products - the Humble Brush.

The daily use tool is made of 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo and high-quality nylon bristles. It is an eco-friendly and socially responsible solution for personal care needs that is available in multiple colors (including a PROUD edition) and sizes for adults and kids.
"There is no Planet B" states the Swedish company, and we cannot agree more. 

We are pleased to congratulate the Humble Co. and we are excited to announce that they will attend our upcoming shows in Amsterdam and Dubai.
We encourage our buyers to get in touch with the brand or to book a meeting at your next Stamegna Network. 

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