We have finished our European Beauty Network in London and we are pleased to announce the winner of The Most Innovative FMCG Product Award. The StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner was acknowledged the most unique and remarkable good by majority vote. StylPro developed by Stylideas Ltd and its CEO Tom Pellereau is a complete set that helps to clean and dry makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds preventing the build-up of germs on beauty tools. The product is an advanced and handy solution as for professional makeup artists as for home use, and it already won over beauty influencers worldwide. 

As Stylideas Ltd was one of the event sponsors opening the Sunday dinner, Tom Pellereau had a chance to demonstrate StylPro during the welcome speech. Perhaps, the presentation of the product the day before voting helped buyers to see the machine in action and embrace all the promoted features. The set presented in the Award Room was raising curiosity not only among retail and distribution decision-makers but also fellow beauty brands. 

We wish Stylideas and its invention success and reliable business partners when entering new markets and we will see them at one of the upcoming Stamegna Beauty Networks.

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