Stamegna Retail Management’s goal has always been to reconfirm the excellence we provide to our partners. The importance of our statement has a high emphasis in these difficult days, that do not only endanger our personal safety, but can cause shortage of supplies or extreme demand on some other fields.

We would like to offer our best professional background to support you if you are facing production, supply issues or stock excess.

We have a database of hundreds of Food & Beverages and Health and Beauty Care buyers whom we can match to your specific issue as a free service from Stamegna Retail Management.

Please contact us  and let us know how can we support you, what production, stock or supply capacities you have at the moment.

We have been helping the FMCG market for over 12 years and we are here today when there is a critical need to help in ensuring the best matches. 

We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the best professional support we can.