Stamegna Retail Management’s goal has always been to reconfirm the excellence we provide to our partners. The importance of our statement has high emphasis in these difficult days.

The concept of 15 minutes one-to-one online meetings was launched to meet our partners' demand of finding the right business partners in the segment they are present, without traveling.

During a series of up to eight meetings there is a possibility to meet online up to eight potential new partners.

We believe one-to-one meetings support our partners more than webinars, as they can go more into details with the two-way communications.

Still the same service and upmost attention to detail but in a different format where our seller and buyer partners have online meetings from the comfort of their home office.

We have been helping the FMCG market for over 12 years and we are here today when there is a critical need to help in ensuring the best matches.