The Stamegna Network: US Beauty Care ran its course this month (May 7-8) in Miami, USA. There were 61 companies represented, and more than 100 representatives of those companies. The manufacturers represented at the event were from three continents and their product lineups ranged from lotions and creams to anti-aging products. The event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to ensure a professional environment.

Manufacturers sat together with retailers and distributors for private, 30-minute meetings where they had an opportunity to pitch their products and discuss the logistics of doing business together. More than 700 meetings took place in the duration of the event.

During the event, each manufacturer had the chance to place one of their products on a table for manufacturers to be able to vote for the 2017 Stamegna Award for Innovation. Leading retailers and distributors cast their votes, and the winner will be announced later this week.

Feedback from the event was positive:

“Very well ran, very good staff on site”

“Good leads.”

“Very interesting – great to meet suppliers from new locations”

“Very innovative, very special to help small manufacturing companies development”

“It’s a good selection of suppliers. I feel comfortable with the organization.”

“The meetings have been well organized and timely”

“The organization and meeting schedule was very well organized and some interesting products were noted to explore the opportunity fully”

More than 700 meetings were arranged between the sellers and buyers. 


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