On March 12-14, producers and suppliers gathered from around the world to Budapest to meet with key retailers and distributors. The Stamegna Network: All Food and Confectionary event was a definite success. Products from around the world, ranging from lemon juices to instant noodles, from Turkish Pizza to Mexican Tequila, and from Sri Lankan Coconut to Bolivian Quinoa, were represented. 

65 companies were present from 16 different countries. 31 different manufactures and producers were present with 34 retailers and distributors to meet with and discuss products. Representative companies from four continents were present, bringing new and better FMCG products to more markets. A total of around 800 meetings took place within the duration of the event. Efficiency, delivered. 

At the event, qualified industry buyers had the opportunity to cast their votes for the 2017 Stamegna Most Innovative FMCG Product Award. The race was close. Pervasco's Johnny Doodle took the prize (read about it here). Honorable mentions were Rossima's Colored Cream, Tradition Mexico's Padre Azul Tequila, and BbyB's selection of gourmet chocolates. 

At the event, interviewees were asked "If you could sum up the event with one word, what word would you choose?" Their answers adequately describe the event: excellent, inspiring, innovative, time-efficient, organized, and focused.




If you are interested in learning more about Stamegna Network and our upcoming events, reach out to retail@stamegna.eu