We are pleased to announce that Gamesformotion’s product – the milk chocolate Monopoly has been selected as the most innovative FMCG product presented at the 2018 Stamegna Network: All Food and Confectionery which was held on the 4th - 6th of March in Budapest, Hungary 2018.

We witnessed intense competition between 41 nominees competing for the first place and the dilemma the buyers had to face in choosing one winner. With just one vote behind the German WunderCompany and its magical WunderDrops succumbed to the niche production of the edible chocolate game. It comes as no surprise that, most of the buyers preferred to vote for something sweet. The Chocolate Monopoly from The Netherlands allured the professionals by its simple idea combined with the tasty quality content and well-detailed packaging.

We are confident that the views of our network’s competent European, Middle Eastern and Eurasian Distributors and Retailers reflect the up-to-date market trends and needs. We congratulate Gamesformotion on this recognition and wish them every success going forward. Let the Stamegna Award help this remarkable product attract more customers and admirers worldwide.

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