We are pleased to share with you the images from the official presentation of the Stamegna Innovative FMCG Product of the Year 2015 award to Boisson Slow Cow Inc. for its ”Slow Cow” mind cooling drink at our recently concluded 2016 Stamegna Network - All Food and Confectionery event which was held in Budapest.
It will be recalled that ”Slow Cow” was voted the most innovative FMCG product of the year at the 2015 Stamegna Network - Food and Confectionery Asia event which was held in Hong Kong. 
The award was presented to a Boisson Slow Cow Inc. representative while numerous FMCG industry experts cheered and offered a standing ovation in recognition of the innovative nature of the Slow Cow mind cooling drink.
We congratulate and wish Boisson Slow Cow Inc. great success in the future and we hope to welcome them to our shows soon.