The Stamegna Award for Innovation

The Stamegna Award for Innovation is an FMCG award presented to those companies who stand out from their competition for their innovative qualities. The award is presented by Stamegna based on a review done by major retail chains and qualified distributors around the world selected for reviewing products at our Networks. The award is presented 1-2 a year in several categories, including Health & Beauty, Packaged Consumer Food & Confectionery,Consumer Electronics, and Office/School Supplies. The award aims to give credit to those companies who deserve the positive feedback from people who truly know the FMCG industry.

Benefits of the Award

      • Opportunity to officially stand out from your competition!
      • International recognition in your product category.
      • Optimal promotion opportunity for your brand.
      • Brand positioning and reinforcement strategy.
      • Meet more buyers with a 50% discount at an upcoming Network.

What Client’s Say

"I love the look of the your award, very cool! I would be proud to have it printed on any of my products, on any day.."
Sales Manager, Sales & Trade Solutions

The Stamegna Award Winners list

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